Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Decimal problems

Walt: use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems.

Task description 
For this google slide we had to solve decimal problems using measurement strategies.We had to play a game that might help with decimals.Here is the link for the game found this google slide hard the hardest problem for me is on the last slide.

Term 4 expectations

Walt: use correct sentences to help structure our writing.

The holidays are over and it is back to school. It is the first week of term 4, term 4 topic is about art.We had assembly like we do every Monday when it is back to school.

This term is more exciting than the other terms  term because we have camp, manaiakalani film festival ,prize giving,athletes and more.I am looking forward to art , camp and the manaiakalani film festival this term.The topic name is Te wa toi witch means art time or time for art.I can not wait for camp.

My goal is to get better at art.Also I  hope I get a better report then last term.My last goal is to get better at sport because sometimes I don't like sport.

I am hoping we learn about  Pablo Picasso art.Also I am hoping to learn about types of art around the world.I hope we learn how to sketch because then our art would be better.We can also try to draw the types of art that we learned about.

The topic is Te wai toi witch means art time so that means we are going to be doing art.This term is a busy term because we have camp,prizgiving,reports and athletics day and we have manaiakalani film festival ,I hope I learn about types of art around the world and Pablo Picasso, I hope I get better at report than last term.Over all this is going to be a busy and fun term.

Task description
For this task we had to wrote our goals and stuff that we hope to learn.We also learnt how to write a proper conclusion.This task was not hard or easy it was just in the middle of hard and easy.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Pick a path story

Walt: write a pick a path story.

Task description:We had to write a pick a path story.What is a pick a path story so you just go through the slides and then there will be links for the path you pick for the story.I hope you find Milsa's toy.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018


Chicken Lv3.2011
Responding to the text
Use the text to figure out whether the Author would agree or disagree with the statements below.

Check list
Agree/ Disagree

Agree / Disagree
Agree/ Disagree
Explanation and Evidence
Alison didn’t know the “laughing boys” at the beginning of the story very well.
The laughing boys had gone ahead,disappearing up the dirt road.They are always leaving her behind.
Alison went into the tunnels because she wanted to prove she was brave.
If they thought she didn't have the guts to go in by herself just because she was a girl,they were wrong.
Alison thought she could make it back up the stairs because she thought Mike had already done it.
He never thought much before doing anything.He would have gone down.
The longer she was in the dark the more calm and confident Alison got.
She had to leave.The darkness was choking her.
The thought Alison would wait for them outside the tunnels.
I waited for them to come back but they left me no choice.
The boys didn’t go into the tunnels very far.
“How far into the tunnels did you go”?asked mike.”Right inside”,said Alison.”Almost to the end.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Words per minute

Walt:analyse data and display data using a graph
Task description:Today we had to do a speed typing race and we used a graph to see the scores for each other.Mr Goodwin made a google sheets on google drive.I got twenty seven words in this test and i think it was under 1 minute. We made the graph by   gathering everyone's scores and then we used the data and made a graph. For the test we had to open a google doc and then Mr Goodwin on the timer and then we started writing as meany words as possible.

Thursday, 20 September 2018


Interpreting Poems
In each of the poems below an object is being described as if it were alive.
Next to each poem, write down the ways in which the object is described to make it seem as if it is alive. The first one has been done as an example.

Tulip Sunday
In the Botanical Gardens
bright tulips
spread out
like a yellow tablecloth
on a table with thousands of legs.
Some tulips
have red lips
and dark black eyes.
They bow and curtsy
in the wind.
By Laura Ranger
The night wind
rips a cloud sheet
into rags,
then rubs, rubs
the October moon
until it shines
like a brass doorknob.
By Judith Thurman
A jumbled sight,
The sheets I write –
High time for paperclips
To take a bite
And clasp them tight
Between bright bulldog lips!
By X. J. Kennedy

The lawnmower
Grinds its teeth
Over the grass,
Spitting out a thick
Green spray;
Its head is too full
Of iron and oil
To know
What it throws
The lawn's whole
Crop of chopped
Green hay.
By Valerie Worth
The sun
Is a leaping fire
Too hot
To go near,
But it will still
Lie down
In warm yellow squares
On the floor
Like a flat
Quilt, where
The cat can curl
And purr.
By Valerie Worth

The tulips in this poem seem alive because they:
  • have red lips
  • have eyes
  • bow
  • curtsy

  • The wind in this poem seems alive because it:
    • sheet
  • doorknob
  • october
  • shines

  • The paperclips in this poem seem alive because they:
    • bite
  • lips
  • tight
  • bulldog

  • The lawnmower in this poem seems alive because it:

    • teeth
  • spitting
  • throws
  • Delicious

  • The sun in this poem seems alive because it:
    • leaping
  • Lie down
  • curl
  • fire