Thursday, 20 September 2018


Interpreting Poems
In each of the poems below an object is being described as if it were alive.
Next to each poem, write down the ways in which the object is described to make it seem as if it is alive. The first one has been done as an example.

Tulip Sunday
In the Botanical Gardens
bright tulips
spread out
like a yellow tablecloth
on a table with thousands of legs.
Some tulips
have red lips
and dark black eyes.
They bow and curtsy
in the wind.
By Laura Ranger
The night wind
rips a cloud sheet
into rags,
then rubs, rubs
the October moon
until it shines
like a brass doorknob.
By Judith Thurman
A jumbled sight,
The sheets I write –
High time for paperclips
To take a bite
And clasp them tight
Between bright bulldog lips!
By X. J. Kennedy

The lawnmower
Grinds its teeth
Over the grass,
Spitting out a thick
Green spray;
Its head is too full
Of iron and oil
To know
What it throws
The lawn's whole
Crop of chopped
Green hay.
By Valerie Worth
The sun
Is a leaping fire
Too hot
To go near,
But it will still
Lie down
In warm yellow squares
On the floor
Like a flat
Quilt, where
The cat can curl
And purr.
By Valerie Worth

The tulips in this poem seem alive because they:
  • have red lips
  • have eyes
  • bow
  • curtsy

  • The wind in this poem seems alive because it:
    • sheet
  • doorknob
  • october
  • shines

  • The paperclips in this poem seem alive because they:
    • bite
  • lips
  • tight
  • bulldog

  • The lawnmower in this poem seems alive because it:

    • teeth
  • spitting
  • throws
  • Delicious

  • The sun in this poem seems alive because it:
    • leaping
  • Lie down
  • curl
  • fire

  • Wednesday, 19 September 2018

    Creative writing

    Creative Writing
    Walt:write using humour.
    Your task today is to write a funny short story.
    You can write about any genre you like, including GOATS and FORTNITE.

    Once upon a time there was a girl named Sophia Anderson she really needed money.Her dad's name was Liam Anderson he made origami things out of paper.Sophia's mum was a florist she always wanted to be a chef and bake cakes.

    One day there was a job available Sophia  wanted that job so bad.Sophia went and signed up her job was being a security for the museum “Do you want the job” said John (John is the person who is hiring Sophia). “Yes” said Sophia she got the job when she did her job everything came to life.

    Sophia thought she was just dreaming but she wasn't. She ran then she told John “did you know things come to life” Said Sophia John said “here is the Information you must follow it step by step” .

    Sophia followed the steps it was hard to get alive creatures to listen it was weird seeing a fossil of a dinosaur move .She got them locked in a room but  she had to wrong keys.Then they went out the window and then she had to get them back inside.Then it was morning and they went to dust.

    Task description:We had to write a creative story that had to be funny but my story is not funny because i don't know how to write a funny story.I hope you enjoy


    Walt: use subtraction strategies to solve tricky problems.

    Task description: Using  subtraction strategies to solve the question's on this google slide.This is a google slide has different problem solved with different strategies.I hope you enjoy.

    Thursday, 30 August 2018


    Walt: look for the hidden or deeper meaning in the text.
    Task description:For this google slide i had to record myself reading this book you will find the video in slide two.The hardest part of this activity is recording.

    Wednesday, 29 August 2018


    Walt: solve problems using Ratios
    Task description :For this google slide we had to use multiples of seven,five and four.The green box is for the group that is a multiple of seven,five and four.And the red box is for the multiples that are not seven,five or four.

    Monday, 27 August 2018

    Healthy eating rap

    Walt: think from the perspective of characters in the story.
    Task Description:This Week we had to write a rap about Healthy eating. This is because this terms theme is move your body and we are learning about keeping healthy. This task was so we could share with kids who look at our blogs what we should and shouldn’t eat.

    Thursday, 23 August 2018

    Review task

    Walt: think from the perspective of characters in the story.
    Task Description: For this task we had to read a book and review it we also had to rate it. Once we had finish that we had to record ourselves reading the book