Thursday, 21 February 2019


task description:For this Dmic  problem we had to use multiplication and division .first what we tried to  out figure out was how many bins there was.So there was 4 locations and we knew there was a black,red and yellow bin and that is 3 bins.Then we did 3x4=12(the 3 is the bins and 4 is 4 different locations)(the answer is how many bins there was).then we figured out how meany bin they had to take each.So we did 12 divided by 3 (12 bins)(3 students).So then we knew they had to take 3 bins each.then we tried figure out how many meters they to walk there and back but this where we got confused.I want to try to get better at trying to understand how to figure out the measuring part.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Vusal mihi

Task description: The Cook island flag represents where I was born.The netball represents my favorite sport.The bible represents my church.The YouTube represents what I like to do at home.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

The 3 p's

Walt:Learing what the 3 P's look like at school and the treaty of Waitangi 

Task description:For this Presentation we had to get in a group of two, three,four and five.I was in a group of 2 (me and Amria).She did the treaty row and  I did the school row.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Goodbye fans

Hello fans I won't be posting for a while i will post again when schools starts.

My highlight of the year is year six camp.My favorite activity at camp is kayaking and sailing.Here are some videos and photos.

See you next year


Recount Writing
Year 6 Camp

WALT: write a recount about a personal experience.
Walt: organise our ideas into a series of paragraphs.

Helpful Vocab
Burma Trail
Raft Building
Confidence Course
Princess Bride
Hug your        Tan mamma
Bush Baseball
Killer Hill
Camp Concert
Survivor Island

Tuesday 2oth November 2018 - Friday 23rd November 2018

Introduction: (2-3 sentences)
Who?  What? When?  Where?
Make it exciting for your audience to read!
On 20th of november 2018  All the year 6 that were going to camp had to come the school at 7 clock. Everyone was so excited,also everyone was talking to each other waiting  for the bus and also waiting for everyone else to come in the hall. Then Mr Burt said a pray for us to be safe and have a fun time.Then everyone else came to the hall and the bus came to.
Paragraph 1: (3-4 sentences)
What happened first? Getting to Camp what was the first thing you did? Hike?
When we got on the bus the bus was new we could all tell by the condition there was new chairs and there was curtains,also we could make the chair go back,plus they had seatbelts. After that we were at kawau island. Next we went on killer kill, it was a really high hill.On the top of the hill we stopped and looked at the view.then we got down the hill.After that we had lunch then we got free team.

Thankyou: (2-3 sentences)
Who would you like to thank for helping you at camp?

I would just like to say thank you all for helping us have a great camp.
Conclusion:: (2-3 sentences)
What did you enjoy?  What did you learn?
I learnt how to sail and abseil i loved kayaking.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Kawau island

Image result for camp bentzonKawau Story Starters

Story Starters
The wrong island
The Kawau Kat ferry has taken the wrong turn and dropped us off on a different island. Write whacky adventure about what happens when we land on the wrong island!
Wallaby take over
We arrive at the island and instead of seeing Peter and Erin (the camp leaders) on the wharf we see Wallabies! Write a whacky adventure about wallabies taking over the island.
The Haunted Mansion house
Governor Hobson’s ghost is said to still roams the halls of Mansion house. Write a spooky adventure about visiting the haunted mansion.
Start writing here:It was a sunny morning so all the year six girls and boys decided to go  kawau island.Off we went on a bus.2 hours passed and we were still on our bus.

Finally we  got off the bus and then we had to go on a ferry.We got on the ferry and then the ferry took the wrong turn we went to mansion island it was an abandoned island (but the mansion was not a abonded just the island)no one would dare to go to that island.We had no choice we had to go on that island we went in the mansion is was very freaky. First a chair knocked down the the lights off after that the doors shut and locked.”were trapped”said one of the students.Then all the students started screaming.One girl named Hazel could see and hear spirits .”The spirits are saying if you wanna get out of this mansion you have to find the three keys”Said Hazel.Then suddenly everyone stopped screaming “how did you know what they said” said Kat.”I can hear and see spirits”Said Hazel.”We have to find it the three keys now” said Kat.So off they went looking for the keys.They found one key in the attic ,after they found the other key under the bed ,the last key was the hardest to find the looked everywhere except for the forbidden room.So they went in Kat said”you go first Hazel to check if it safe.”ok”said Hazel.Then they went into the forbidden room the key was at the very top of the sealing was the key hanging off a rope then Kat jumped and grabbed it.They ran to the main room and then the ghost started talking then they were free when the got on the ferry they were surrounded by wallabys trying to take over.Then we got the ghost our friend to scare the wallybys away.

Then we got to kawau island and lived happily ever after.