Friday, 7 July 2017

tech expo at team 5

Have you been to a place when projects are made and you get to test them out .Well team 4 were lucky we got to see all the projects team 5 made. Scroll down to see  what the made.

They made lot of things here are some things they made they made a basketball hoop, headphones,hammock,chromebook shelf ,marble run,cuisines.Now you know some things they made.

We went to team 5 and we got to see their projects there were cool if you look at my planning it will tell you some things  they made.We got to try all the projects they made i liked the cushions it was cuddly.We got splitted into groups and one senior had to go with us around the place.

I hope you enjoyed what we did.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

design a robot

Invent your own robot!
Walt: Search for the definitions of new vocabularyWalt: Design our own robot in reflection of the pros and cons of the robot in 'Zapped'