Monday, 31 August 2015

Rainy Monday

On Monday it was a stormy day it looked liked hail storm was falling down,heavy rain was falling down.When the rain was going to stop it was spitting and I was feeling cold. I wished I was in the Cook Island's, eating pizza  and drinking hot chocolate. 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


A ratchets job it to catch as many rats as they can in one day. They climb down into the sewer and it smells disgusting. They kill rats so  the rats don't spread some diseaseThere are two different ways the ratcatcher use to kill the rats. The first way is to use a gun. And the last way is to use two little dogs because if it is a big dog it will get stuck into the sewer.  After they kill the rats they bury the rats under the ground .

How to jump

I need to bend my arms

I jump on one foot

and land on two foot

I look straight

I land on a motorbike

I jump like a rabbit

You jump on super  power

You jump like a kangaroo

Monday, 10 August 2015

How to run

Room 14,

Pt England School,

Pt England.


Dear Awkward Guys,

Yesterday, I saw you having serious problems running down the road in your brand new running gear.  It looked like you were really in need of some help, so I decided to write to you to give you two tips.

Firstly you should bend your knees and arms. If you don't, your  will be walking

And run on tip-toes with light feit. If you don't  you will be comfortable.

Secondly you look starlight ahead if you don't look straight ahead you  will run in a zig zag and you will be sleepy.

If you do all of my tips you will be fit.

Hope that helps.

From Marie