Thursday, 23 June 2016

Colour pome

Red taste like hot and spicy chips.

Red sounds like fire burning.

Red feels like a hot fire.

Red  looks like a hot burning sun that you look at and the sun shine into your eyes.
Red  smells spicy.

Red is hot color.

Blue tastes like yummy blueberries

Blue sounds like ocean water under the sea.

Blue feels like a block of ice that is so cold.

Blue looks like  the beautiful sea.

Blue  is cool and a cold colour.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Home sweet home

Along the lonely road there where  lift broken down  houses.The broken down houses were so lonely and lived alone.There were some lonely houses looking for a new home. Along the dark and dreary  road, there were some lonely houses that lost their jobs.


One day when there was no food  Tamarereti  went fishing  to get some fish.He caught three large fish. When it was almost night time  the wind went away. Tamarereti couldn't  get back home  and if he couldn't get back home the taniwha would eat him.He thought he had enough time for the wind to come back  so he went  to sleep in his waka.When he was sleeping his waka got blown by the wind  to the other side of the lake.He woke up an hour after the sun went down.  He was hungry.
He made a fire and cooked some fish.  When he was eating some fish He saw some pebbles.He threw  the   pebbles into the sky and it brightened up the night sky and so he wouldn't get eaten by the Taniwha.  He arrived home and went to bed.  He woke up the next day in the afternoon and went outside.  Ranginui was there and Tamarereti thought he was going to get in  big trouble because he threw the pebbles into  the sky.  He didn't get in trouble  “I like what you did with the sky it has made the sky more beautiful and now people won't get eaten by the  the Taniwha when they go fishing” side Ranginui.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Art Adventure

Imagine a time when you got to build a house  out of Lego and boxes, and when you had a lot of art adventure. Also when you got to do origami and make paper boat.Team 3 had an amazing art adventure.

The leaning tower of pisa