Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Fiafia Night

At fia fia  on the stage I felt like there were  butterflies in my tummy my tummy was rumbling the whole time I felt sick. People cheered I was feeling  much more better now.

I put on my costume it was   pretty tight for me but it was colorful. I was wearing a blue lavalava also I was wearing  flowers in my hair that were pretty and yellow.

I was sitting on the ground the ground was  very hard to sit on.
We saw great performance out there it was our turn we went up on the stage.
I was so  nervous because there were a lot of people.We were still excited when it was our turn I was dancing very gracefully.
After we finished the people were cheering they were very proud of us.I think we did much better when we were still on the stage and we were finish. The  butterflies in my tummy went away. I love fiafia.

Friday, 8 April 2016


Under the water I swam as fast as I could.  Kicking my feet in the water I swam to the island. I love swimming so much because I have lots of fun and I learn to do lots of things in the water.