Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Egg and spoon race

In the morning we went out on the field to play egg and spoon race.We got in groups of four and three.We played because my teacher played it in the past. The weather was cool.

Room fourteen was excited because some kids were silly because there will the egg and the spoon but you have to put one hand at the back and put the egg on the spoon. we tried to balance the egg on the spoon. We got into groups of three because we have to get in team. some people drop the egg.

We  imagine  we had eggs. The eggs were tennisball.I was nervous because I well drop the egg and I felt confident.When we played it was a ti because every group drop the egg.when I had the spoon the spoon was lite.

I liked the egg and spoon race because I had lots of fun and I want to do the egg and spoon race again.

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