Friday, 2 September 2016


The  Persians  and the Greeks use fencing for practicing fighting with the sword fighting.Ancient Egyptians competed in fencing a long long time ago 1190 B.C.There are no killing people now that the  people don't want to be killed and now in the Olympic they put a rubber on the tip of the  sward.Today at the Modern Olympics they get points and they get Introduce to all the people that are watching.They turn different light one turn green and one turn red the one that turns green is the one  who gets a point and the other one that turns red is the person who doesn't get  a point.The swards now much more lighter and people don't get killed they have a rubber thing on the tip of the sward so they don't get killed.Sabre, foil and Epee are all different types of swords foil is a type of sword  when you can hit your opponent.  When you use the epee you can hit anywhere on your body.  Sabre is a sword where you can hit head to hips.

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