Friday, 2 September 2016


The Greeks were fighting the Persians and it took a long time.The Greeks won the battle. The Greeks were exhausted when the battle came to and end.Pheidippides was told to run to Athens to tell them joy we won.pheidippides was running from Marathon to Athens. Under the beating  sun Phidippides was exhausted.When Pheidippides was  running  up the mountains he was tired and he was hungry  he was also thirsty he tried to be strong. Phidippides never gave up when he was running he tried but he tried not to stop and take a break.As Pheidippides arrived at Athens With one last big effort Pheidippides shouted “Joy we won!” as Pheidippides held up a special leaf.Pheidippides lay down and dies. Pheidippides  was a great member of the Greeks he was also the fastest in the Greeks.


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  1. Hey Marie,i love the way that you used full stops and capital letters i also like you photo that you draw.