Friday, 21 October 2016


One beautiful night there was a girl named Jasmine she was sleeping  in her bed,  suddenly  she woke up.  She was in the kingdom she said to herself “where am I?”she was petrified.The two  next hours  she was crying for her family.She saw some carriages  and ask them can please take me back to Australia to primary school.”Yes” said the people who was riding the carriages “I am really going home” side Jasmine.It took hours so Jasmine diced to go for a nap just in time when she arrived in  Australia  at primary school she woke up everyone thorough she was a Princess .When she came back home Jasmine hugged  her mum and dad.The next day she went to school  everyone in her class wanted to play with Jasmine.Jasmine was happy she had a lot of friends

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