Friday, 28 October 2016

The bush walk

On October the 1st there was an adventure at the big beautiful bush. The bush looked like a forest there were four people.There were two women and two men  there names were Jack  and Jojo and the women names where Memory and Jasmine. they went for an adventure because  they wanted to discover fossils. And put the fossils together like a puzzle.Also discover all kinds of dinosaurs.But they were also looking for a toratra.So they went into the bush suddenly  they all got lost there was alot of snaks crwling  up there legs.But they had an ida  there ida was to kick the snaks away.They all went back out of the bush and found each  othere when they got out of the bush  they saw a  toratra all thoutgth to there self we did go on adventure  after all they all took one step togther in the bush and they saw alot of fossils.The all said by to the toratra and let the toratra be free agin. After they put fossil in there car and  they saw a shop and brogth some snaks to eat and got home .They got glue and put   the fossils togther.It made and Diplococcus.And there was some left over and it made and T-rex .They came up with and plan it was to take the fossils to the musem. The next day they where on the news paper and they went to the musem and saw the fossil also they saw the toratra they saw at the bush.They also got alot of money and they brought and pet it was and puppy and it made babbys.

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