Wednesday, 22 February 2017


One sunny Monday  we played charades it was fun.When we were playing I was thinking what  is this game it was like playing guess who.

It was a really cool game it was hard to listen to the rules.What  is the rules the rules where you had to be quiet and not yell the answer  or the other  team will know the answer.Also when you act you can not talk also you get split up into 3 teams you get a number it will be other 123 if you are number 1 you go into team 1. was so hard to act out Mr Goodwin and act out a chicken.

After we played charades  we went on the mat and got our morning tea.When we were guessing the actor it was fun when we played charades and it was so cool some people weren't having fun playing charades. When we played charades I was told to get up and have a turn to act  but I was to shy to have a turn.

I was in team 3 and we lost because people weren't listening but it was still fun.Next time i am going to have a turn at acting.

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