Thursday, 23 February 2017

The bran new bike track


Have you ever been to a opening of a bike track at  any primary school?Well  Today we opened our school  bike track.


Firstly we waited for the school to come the Pt England kindergarten came.Secondly Mr Burt told a speech   and he didn't want his speech to be long because we  were waiting to see the bikes. Then we sang a song it was  Ko te whaea then the prefix did one short speech. After the variety people told a very short speech too. Then we saw the bikes it was amazing.There was 50 bikes.It cost more than $100,000 and we got the bikes free.We are going to ride it on Monday.Then the two small kids cut the ribbon then of thy went.Five minutes after they were racing back.The drone recorded the whole thing.


Do you think this is  fun?If you were  here what will be your favorite part?


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  2. Hey Marie
    your writing is awsome but check before you publish

  3. ok i will check next time thank you