Monday, 15 May 2017

Language activity


  • Sometimes you only have to add s
  • For words that end with s, ch, sh, x or z, you add es

Write the plurals for these words…

  1. Brushes
  2. Bananas
  3. Torchs
  4. Cakes
  5. Ditches
  6. Mattresses
  7. Lettuces
  8. Waxes
  9. Glues
  10. Buzzes
  11. Houses
  12. Mashes
  13. Churches
There, their, they’re

  • There is a place: “My house is over there
  • Their belongs to them: “Mr J is their teacher”
  • They’re is they are: “I have two friends. They’re cool”

  1. My shoes are in the bin because ___there____ old.
  2. I like the playground because it has a swing _____
  3. My cousins have a tree hut at __their___ house
  4. I like KFC because __their____ chicken is yum
  5. __there____ is a bird on the roof
  6. He is hiding behind the wall right ___there___
  7. My whole class is loud. I think ___ther___ all going crazy

Now right a one sentence for each word:

There:is my house
Their:is the shop
They’re: i have 3 teachers they're cool

Noun, verb, adjective

Nouns are words for people, places or things
Verbs are doing words. They are action words like run and talk
Adjectives are describing words. They tell us what something is like - eg: beautiful, loud, green, fluffy, silly, tall, shiny, small.

There are 7 nouns and 6 adjectives and 6 verbs in this story. Highlight them in different colours..

Auckland is very busy. Lisa goes for a fast walk every day in the city and drinks coffee at a shop. She saw a black cat that was purring loudly. She also found a rusty bike that broke and collapsed.
To, too, two

To:    I am going to the beach
Too:  I ate too much cake. It is too hot. I like Pokemon too.
Two:  Is the word for 2. I have two parents.

  1. I went _to___ the shop __too__ buy a pie
  2. I have __two__ brothers
  3. I had _to__ go home when it rained
  4. I feel sick because I ate __too__ many lollies
  5. I am going __to_ make a card for my mum
  6. I have __too_ much rubbish on the floor
  7. The doctor told me ___ stay home
  8. My team scored ___to_ points just then
  9. I have __to_ sleep soon because it is getting _too__ late
  10. My friend likes _to__ play netball _too___

Your weekend

Where did you go and who did you see?
What did you do?
Did you play sport or clean your room or eat a pie or see you friend?

In the weekends i went the shop  and i saw my aunt and my cousin  when i came back i played some sport. Also on mother's day we had a feed at our house also we got a new tv.

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